AFSCME Texas Corrections Union is working daily with TDCJ, the following are some things that we

want you to be aware of.

1. Inmates coming from county jails that have reported a positive COVID-19 test are being quarantined 14

days before being placed on a unit. TDCJ will not intake inmates from certain counties.

2. TDCJ is slowing down intake so the chains should get smaller.

3. TDCJ is assessing protocols regarding inmates in dayrooms and recreation yards to ensure to be in

compliance with no more than 10.

4. Inmate Dinning Room (IDR) will be run in the chow hall but should be spreading out inmates and reducing the number allowed in at one time. They cannot limit this to 10 only or they would never get the unit fed 3 times.

5. We have requested that staff screening incoming personnel be provided PPE since they are in close

contact with everyone entering.

6. They are aware of the thermometers not working correctly and have ordered more, this is another item

that is hard to get.

7. Inmates that show symptoms will be quarantined and staff working that area will be provided PPE. They

will not be required to share masks or gloves. Staff working these areas will be provided a bag to store

their mask so it can be reused.

8. TDCJ is ordering more PPE, especially masks in case they start to require everyone to wear a mask.

9. We have requested TDCJ stop requiring more than 10 staff riding in a van to other units.

10. Staff that are exposed and sent home will be on a 14-day quarantine (at their home) They will be on

Admin leave, but they must fill out a worker’s comp pack to get admin leave. If anyone is denied a packet

let your Union Representative know.

11. The Union has a worker’s compensation specialist, if you need assistance please reach out to your

Representative/ and or your Local E-Board for that contact information.

12. TDCJ is still not allowing staff to wear a mask whenever they want to. Their concern is that other staff that do not have masks and inmates to over react and cause panic when there are no inmates or staff with


13. The Union is in support of a State wide lock-down for at least two weeks to protect staff from this virus.

14. The Union is in support and is working to allow all staff be provided PPE to include masks to all staff on a

daily basis.


                                                                                                                                                                 AFSCME TOC7

                                                                                                                                                                 Executive Director

                                                                                                                                                                 Jeff Ormsby