Vision for 2020


  Our Vision for 2020 is simple, it is to expand our growth and find our seat at the table with Collective Bargaining! 

  As officers ourselves, we hear our co-workers say everyday that we need better working conditions, equipment that works, and fair disciplinary!  WE AGREE!!!  What we normally do not hear is a solution to our problems.  The good news is that OUR UNION is a solution to all of our problems. There is power in numbers people!  


  The answer is Collective Bargaining.  Collective Bargaining is a formal written agreement over wages, hours and conditions of employment entered into by an employer and the Union representing the employees in the bargaining unit.   As we Unionize and grow our numbers we become stronger. Growth and rise in numbers are imperative for accomplishing collective bargaining!  We ban together under a strong organized union to build the work place environment where we can thrive.  We want an environment where all officers feel safer coming to work everyday by having the correct equipment and enough equipment, to know their job/life is not in danger, our pensions and healthcare are protected,  and we have a say in all aspects for our jobs!


  Yes!  Collective Bargaining is obtainable.  We must grow in numbers within our organization.  FIRST we need to be over 30% unionized across the state and we  are getting there!  The more we sign up the faster we will get above that 30% and then we take a vote as members.  The vote we will take, would be for exclusive representation.  This will make it official that we, the T.D.C.J Officer's Union, run by officers with the help of A F S C M E, is the only representation we will accept on our behalf.  This puts all officers standing together under that same umbrella so that no other entity can divide and conquer us!  We as officers have to stand up and start believing that we can and will make a difference and join our organization!  We cannot make anything happen if we do not get up and make it happen!  We must stand in unity with each other and in order to do that we must join our Local 3920!